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"IMI Healing Technologies offers patented LEP2000 Photonic & Laser Therapy System that features superior efficacy and versatility for pain relief and tissue healing."
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IMI Healing Technologies' prime mission is to bring the recognition and use by medical communities in North America and around the Globe of its LEP2000™ Photonic and Laser Therapy System, and to offer high-efficacy therapeutic devices based on scientifically and clinically proven healing properties of multi-modality photonic and laser therapy approaches.

Therapeutic laser LD100 with adjustable power 10mW up to 120mW, is clinically proven to provide significant immediate and sustainable pain relief. Laser LD100 features short treatment time - only a few seconds per point.

In the founders' opinion

"Our earliest research revealed and later clinical studies confirmed that high immediate and short-term pain reliefs are extremely important for good outcome of the entire course of treatment."
Dr. Norman Salansky, PhD,
President and Founder IMIHT

Sunnybrook and Women's College
Health Science Centre: LEPT LEP2000
and Drs. Salansky Protocols

Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Science Centre about laser system LEPT LEP2000 Whiplash Associated Disorders (WAD) is a multi-billion-dollar problem in Canada. It is estimated that auto-insurance companies spend $4-billion annually to deal with soft-tissue injuries, mainly WAD, which accounts for approximately 80% of claim costs in car accidents, according to the insurance Bureau of Canada1. In Ontario, auto-insurers currently spend $450 million a year on medical rehabilitation benefits for individuals suffering soft-tissue injuries2. This figure becomes much more inflated when medical benefits for chronic pain and psychological injury sufferers are taken into account, and income replacement costs and legal fees are calculated. Preliminary data suggest that a novel approach for the treatment (Low Energy Photonic & Laser Therapy, LEPT LEP2000, Drs. Salansky Protocols) and assessment (The Unified Pain & injury Monitoring System) of WAD injuries could save Ontario auto-insurance companies up to $50 million per annum (-10% of $450 M) on acute soft tissue management alone. Moreover, experimental cost reduction analyses based on the use of this proposed approach, demonstrate that savings could reach $100s of millions a year through earlier resolution of claims, shorter medical leaves and decreased financial settlements, all resulting from faster rehabilitation of soft-tissue injuries...

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... Encouraging preliminary data suggests that a novel treatment termed Low Energy Photonic & Laser Therapy (LEPT LEP2000, Drs. Salansky Protocols) accompanied by The Unified Pain & injury Monitoring System (UPIMS) assessment are successful in improving recovery from both acute and chronic whiplash injuries. The Sunnybrook & Women's Health Sciences Centre, University of Toronto, is preparing to investigate the efficacy of this promising therapy in a rigorous multi-centre, double-blind comparative clinical trial titled "Low Energy Photonic Therapy (LEPT) for Expeditious Pain Relief and Function Restoration in Individuals Afflicted with Acute, Sub-Acute and Chronic Whiplash Associated Disorder". Through this study we plan to deliver evidence supporting the high efficacy of LEPT for pain relief and functional capability improvement in acute, sub-acute and chronic whiplash associated disorders...

Dr. David Berbrayer MD, FRCP(C)
Division of Physiatry Head,
Principle Investigator

Dr. Gordon Ko MD, FRCP(C)
Medical Director of the Physiatry Back Pain Clinic,
Senior Researcher

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