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"IMI Healing Technologies offers patented LEP2000 Photonic & Laser Therapy System that features superior efficacy and versatility for pain relief and tissue healing."
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IMI Healing Technologies' prime mission is to bring the recognition and use by medical communities in North America and around the Globe of its LEP2000™ Photonic and Laser Therapy System, and to offer high-efficacy therapeutic devices based on scientifically and clinically proven healing properties of multi-modality photonic and laser therapy approaches.

Therapeutic laser LD100 with adjustable power 10mW up to 120mW, is clinically proven to provide significant immediate and sustainable pain relief. Laser LD100 features short treatment time - only a few seconds per point.

In the founders' opinion

"Our earliest research revealed and later clinical studies confirmed that high immediate and short-term pain reliefs are extremely important for good outcome of the entire course of treatment."
Dr. Norman Salansky, PhD,
President and Founder IMIHT

Total Body Pain and Injury Clinic

Midland, Ontario

We have been utilizing the LEP 2000 laser and photonic therapy system for nearly 3 years now. The results have been dramatic and immediate with many tough cases. In many cases the pain relief occurs after the first treatment. It has become an integral part of our clinical approach to the treatment of musculo-skeletal pain syndromes and sports injuries.

For many years I have struggled with treating injuries and pain syndromes involving tendons and ligaments lying deep within the body. The LEP 2000 laser unit is in my opinion the most powerful and effective laser system in North America. The red and infrared (photonic diode units) are contained in separate arrays - and have a very high quality of light emission. This arrangement allows for deeper penetration and a large surface area for treatments. I had not been previously able to find this type of quality of system before.

The design of the system is modular which is also very convenient - especially in a busy practice. As well each unit can be pre-programmed to allow for your most common settings. This makes the units very user friendly and allows staff to help with the application during treatments.

Having a powerful healing device - such as a laser system - has helped to differentiate me from my competition. It has also increased our scope of practice and increased our new patient flow.

I would fully recommend this laser and photonic system to any Chiropractor who is serious about relieving pain and improving healing in their patients.

Dr. William Cameron
BSc (kinesiology), DC, RTP (Trigenics Practitioner)

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