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"IMI Healing Technologies offers patented LEP2000 Photonic & Laser Therapy System that features superior efficacy and versatility for pain relief and tissue healing."
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IMI Healing Technologies' prime mission is to bring the recognition and use by medical communities in North America and around the Globe of its LEP2000™ Photonic and Laser Therapy System, and to offer high-efficacy therapeutic devices based on scientifically and clinically proven healing properties of multi-modality photonic and laser therapy approaches.

Therapeutic laser LD100 with adjustable power 10mW up to 120mW, is clinically proven to provide significant immediate and sustainable pain relief. Laser LD100 features short treatment time - only a few seconds per point.

In the founders' opinion

"Our earliest research revealed and later clinical studies confirmed that high immediate and short-term pain reliefs are extremely important for good outcome of the entire course of treatment."
Dr. Norman Salansky, PhD,
President and Founder IMIHT

Dr. Natasha Salansky
- Letter of Recommendation

Author of therapeutic laser system LEP2000. Letter of Recommendation April 2, 2004

Dear Sir or Madam:

The Employee Rehabilitation unit (ERU) of t The Scarborough Hospital has been using Low Energy Photonic and Laser Therapy (LEPT) developed by IMI Inc. (Toronto, Canada) for the past two years. This modality has been successfully used as an adjunct to the physiotherapy treatment of a variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

Dr. Natasha Salansky (Filonenko) has provided informal consultations regarding the clinical application of (LEPT) to the (ERU) physiotherapists. She has demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the clinical application of this modality with acute, sub-acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions seen in the ERU.

LEPT has assisted many employees experience decreased pain and soft tissue swelling and subsequent increased functional ability at work. LEPT has helped with the resolution of both chronic and acute conditions in addition to exercise and other physiotherapy treatments. No adverse effects have been observed during the past two year.

The ERU staff recommends the use of LEPT as an adjunct to physiotherapy treatment for injured employees. Additionally, the consultations provided by Dr. Filonenko have been invaluable in the clinical application of LEPT to maximize the benefits for The Scarborough Hospital employees.

Lynne Mulcahy
Coordinator, ERU

Lina Campo
Physiotherapist, ERU

Cindy Coneen
Physiotherapist, ERU

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