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"IMI Healing Technologies offers patented LEP2000 Photonic & Laser Therapy System that features superior efficacy and versatility for pain relief and tissue healing."
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IMI Healing Technologies' prime mission is to bring the recognition and use by medical communities in North America and around the Globe of its LEP2000™ Photonic and Laser Therapy System, and to offer high-efficacy therapeutic devices based on scientifically and clinically proven healing properties of multi-modality photonic and laser therapy approaches.

Therapeutic laser LD100 with adjustable power 10mW up to 120mW, is clinically proven to provide significant immediate and sustainable pain relief. Laser LD100 features short treatment time - only a few seconds per point.

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"Our earliest research revealed and later clinical studies confirmed that high immediate and short-term pain reliefs are extremely important for good outcome of the entire course of treatment."
Dr. Norman Salansky, PhD,
President and Founder IMIHT

Yekaterina Fill Slukhinsky, MD, Board Certified Physiatrist
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

3043 Ocean Avenue, Suite 202, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11235
Phone: (718) 332-6946 Fax: (718) 332-8851

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Dr. Yekaterina Fill Slukhinsky, MD. I am Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. My private practice in New York City has been operational for more than 25 years. For decades, I have been treating my patients who suffered from acute and chronic pain by implementing medications, injections, and acupuncture, in combination with various therapeutic modalities of physical medicine such as electrotherapy, ultrasound, TENS, IFC, and low level laser therapy. Despite my best efforts, the results were mixed and it was difficult to achieve positive results for severe cases of chronic pain and neuromuscular conditions.

Recently, I integrated the Photonic and Laser Therapy Program, LEP2000, with Doctors Salanskys’ Protocols, to my practice and the efficacy of the therapeutic program in my clinic has dramatically increased. LEP2000 is very effective for various musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions including exigent cases that do not respond well to any conventional therapies: back pain with sciatica, ruptured, herniated or degenerative disk disease, various types of headaches, including migraines, carpal tunnel and “frozen shoulder” syndromes, myofascial pain, and arthritic pain in joints.

The LEP2000 produces remarkable, immediate pain relief and patients’ ROM and musculoskeletal function is improving fast during the course of treatment. Frequently, patients complained of insomnia as a result of their chronic pain but after treatments with the LEP2000, those patients expressed having dramatically better sleep and have been able to gradually reduce and even discontinue their dependence on pain medications.

One of my patients was suffering from chronic migraine headaches and severe cluster headaches for three months before consulting me. This patient was treated with the LEP2000 and acupuncture. After three therapy sessions, the patient expressed tremendous gratitude for finally achieving relief from debilitating headaches that caused distress and lack of concentration.

The LEP2000 resulted in significant pain relief in many patients and in some cases helped to achieve a full recovery from neurological symptoms and manifestations. In a course of LEP2000 photonic and laser therapy treatment, pain relief has been attained faster, and later, patients achieved gradual recoveries from neurological symptoms such as paresthesia, “pins and needles” and numbness. Studies on the use of the LEP2000 for patients with chronic carpal tunnel syndrome revealed improvements and even full restoration of the median motor nerve distal latency. These findings are suggestive of nerve regeneration induced by the implementation of the LEP2000 photonic and laser therapy.

One of middle-aged patients was afflicted by excruciating neck pain with paresthesia and severe radiating pain to the right upper arm. Electromyography and nerve conduction studies revealed the diagnosis of cervical spine radiculopathy. Similar cases required months of treatments with traditional medicine. After six therapy sessions with the inclusion of the LEP2000 photonic and laser therapy program as well as acupuncture, the patient was discharged from the therapy program without having any reported symptoms.

The LEP2000 has also been shown to have astounding healing effects. In addition to rapid pain relief, there have been signs of prompt swelling reduction and accelerated recoveries of acute wounds and traumas. One patient attended my office after abdominal surgery. This patient had a 10 cm x 15 cm post surgical wound that wasn’t healing properly for nearly three months. After eight sessions of using the LEP2000 and low level laser therapy, the wound had completely healed.

It is my strong belief that LEP2000 Photonic and Laser Therapy with Doctors Salanskys’ Protocols, is a breakthrough therapy and should be a part of every rehabilitation therapy program. The treatment has absolutely no side effects and is easy to apply. It has been especially satisfying for patients who attained immediate relief in the cases that this therapy was included. The LEP2000 is simple to operate and time effective. Any practitioner can activate a specific therapeutic program with a simple push of a button.

Should any medical professional be interested in learning more about LEP2000 Photonic and Laser Therapy System, please call my office at (718) 332-6946.


Yekaterina Fill Slukhinsky, MD.

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