Therapeutic Cold Lasers for Professionals
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IMIHT is the developer and manufacturer of the Laser Therapy System

IMI Healing Technologies’ prime mission is to bring the recognition and use by medical communities in North America and around the Globe of its LEP2000™ Photonic and Laser Therapy System, and to offer high-efficacy therapeutic devices based on scientifically and clinically proven healing properties of multi-modality photonic and laser therapy approaches.

IMIHT is the world leader in therapeutic efficacy and versatility of the multi-modality LEP2000™ Photonic and Laser Therapy System and its modules

IMI Healing Technologies is the developer and manufacturer of the superior efficacy LEP2000™ Photonic and Laser Therapy System and its modules used for pain treatment, nerve regeneration, wound and tissue healing. IMI Healing Technologies (IMIHT) carries on research and development, and attends to the manufacture, distribution and servicing of LEP2000™ therapeutic lasers and cluster modules of light emitting diodes that feature high efficacy for a broad variety of medical applications.
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